Orthopedic Footwear At Premier Negotiated Rates



Some Helpful Information To Get Started
Premier Member facilities can order orthopedic shoes, inserts and orthotics from PedorsPremier.com at low rates that have been negotiated by Premier.  Once your account is opened you can place orders simply by providing a valid purchase order number along with your order.  In some instances we may contact you to fill out a credit application to get your account established. You can either order on this website by logging in, or if you prefer you can order by fax and we will enter your orders for you.  You will receive an email confirmation of your order whichever method you choose.  (In addition we offer a private pay option for those wishing to order for themselves, family or friends.  See the information below.)


•  Premier Negotiated Rates only display if you are logged in.  If you are not logged in MSRP prices will display.

•  To receive login credentials click the "Account Validation" link.  We will set up your account and send you the login information.

•  You can also order by fax without having to log-in.  Click the "Fax Order Form" link and download the order form and fax in your order.  We will enter the order into the system for you.

•  Feel free to look  around to see what products are available.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

•  Please keep in mind that the Premier negotiated prices are considerably lower than the MSRP prices displayed.

Private Pay Option By Credit Card With A 30% Discount Code
If you would like to purchase any of these products for yourself, family or friends you can order on www.pedors.com with a 30% discount code.  The discount code to use is Premier30. When checking out on Pedors.com you must enter the name and address of the facility where you work in the order notes for the discount to be honored.